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Our sixth conference took place online, you can find the replays below.

Monday, May 31st

Welcome ceremony

Plenary 1: Paul Freedman – Is there such a thing as American Cuisine?

Session 1 – Reading Cookbooks under a New Light. Food, Body and Power in Mexican Recipes (XX-XXI centuries)

Session 2 – Tasty maps. Cartography and patrimonialisation of food between simplification, stereotypes and territory

Session 3 – L’alimentation des enfants et les savoirs nutritionnels: entre objectifs marchands, éducatifs et de santé

Session 4 – Diet and Health in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century French and British Caribbean

Session 5 – Métamorphoses de l’aliment. Les frontières entre les aliments et les médicaments, entre droit agricole et alimentaire, entre normes religieuses et de consommation

Session 6 – An introduction to the «Atlas of language and texts of Italian gastronomic culture from the Middle Ages to the Unification» (AtLaTIG)

Tuesday, June 1st

Session 7 – Dialogue entre le vêtement, le corps et les représentations

Session 8 – Losing it: food and loss during the COVID-19 pandemic

Session 9 – Why should men abstain themselves from eating meat? Perspectives towards vegetarianism in Ancient Mediterranean world

Session 10 – Traditional poultry production in France and South East Asia

Session 11 – Tides of Untold Stories: Subaltern Subjectivities in Maritime Food Geographies

Session 12 – Home Making Through Food Practices Among Migrant Communities in Southern Europe and Beyond

Session 13 – Healthy food in Spanish gastronomy and food science (1880s-1960s)

Session 14 – J’irai manger sur vos tombes

Session 15 – Les spécialités rituelles saisonnières dans l’alimentation en Turquie

Session 16 – Lagoonscapes: Future Views from Venice

Wednesday, June 2nd

Session 17 – Food and Drink in Performance

Session 18 – Grimod de La Reynière : critique du goût, penseur de la commensalité et écrivain libertin

Session 19 – Material Culture and immaterial practice: the cultural underpinnings of wine production and consumption, 1750-2000

Session 20 – Food Studies in Russia

Session 21 – Riz-poulet pour les Mineurs Non-Accompagnés (MNA)

Session 22 – L’alimentation en scène

Session 23 – Alimentation et migration : approches méthodologiques et enjeux contemporains. I. Approches méthodologiques

Session 24 – Food History: different approaches – Brazil and Portugal

Session 25 – Food and identity

Thursday, June 3rd

Session 27 – Intoxicants in Early Modern Europe

Session 28 – Alimentation et migration : approches méthodologiques et enjeux contemporains. II. Alimentation et identités

Session 29 – Wine, history and power: how wine has transmitted and transmuted power in imperial and colonial cultures around the world

Session 30 – The Reception of Galen’s treatise On Simple Medicines – I

Session 31 – First Cookbooks : Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine

Session 32 – Westerners and Tea in the 19th and early 20th Centuries: Charting New Commercial and Cultural Perspectives

Session 33 – Alimentation et migration : approches méthodologiques et enjeux contemporains. III. Alimentation et espace public

Session 34 – The Reception of Galen’s treatise On Simple Medicines – II

Session 35 – Different ways of eating in São Paulo, Brazil: appropriations, absences and negotiations during the colonial period and in the 20th century

Session 36 – Assaisonnement irremplaçable, intrus impardonnable. Regards comparatifs et multidisciplinaires autour du sel (Europe et Amériques, XIVe-XVIe siècle)

Friday, June 4th

Session 37 – Re-thinking the spice trade and spice consumption in late Medieval and Renaissance Italy

Session 38 – Not Just Tomato: A Global History. Preserved food in the contemporary age (19th-20th centuries): making, trade, consumption, marketing, and technology

Session 39 – L’excès alimentaire dans la littérature française du XVIIIe siècle

Session 40 – Eating at the Factory. Workers’ Meals and Industrial Canteens in a Transnational Perspective (20th Century)

Session 41 – Food and Cooking on Early Television: Impact on European Food Culture

Plenary 2: Chantal Creen – Aliments et mangeurs en circulations entre créativités et contraintes

Closing ceremony

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